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Tom Mitchell faceting a gem



If you want the absolute best, Ultra Tec is the machine for you.  It is the most accurate, down to hundredths of  a degree, on the facet angle and it is the most repeatable down to the millimeter of any faceting machine in the market.  Ultra Tec has been around for over 40 years and has consistently been the leader in the faceting industry.

I own the V5 Digital with the Digital Angle Dial (DAD), which tells you the facet angle down to hundredths of a degree.  This is handy because all faceting designs are written with angles to hundredths of a degree.  Most other machines can get close to tenths of a degree, but few can get you to hundredths without guess work or estimation.  This DAD is AC powered, not battery powered, and it is by far the most reliable in the industry.  The mast is also the sturdiest in the industry and there is no flex when using this machine.   Moving the mast toward and away from the lap platen is accomplished very easily and quickly with the flick of a lever.  The turntable can rotate clockwise or counter clockwise with the flick of a switch and the rotation speed is easily adjusted with the built in rheostat.  Raising and lowering the faceting head has been improved immensely with the introduction of a different screw ratio allowing very quick adjustments.

Professionals and hobbyists alike prefer Ultra Tec for its accuracy and and dependability.   If you are considering competition cutting or if you are just a perfectionist like me, there is no other machine out there that can do what this one can.   I would be glad to show you my machine in action. Simply contact me by email at tommitchellgems@gmail.com or by telephone at 352-751-0906.  I will gladly make myself and my machine available to you.

Tom Mitchell, Ultra Tec Representative