There are many reasons why our knuckles become large or swollen.  These may include certain drugs, arthritis and growing older.  Unfortunately our rings don't adjust to these conditions.  Our precious keepsakes sit in a jewelry box, or safe unable to give us the pleasure of wearing them because we can't fit them over our enlarged knuckles or the rings slip around our fingers, facing the wrong direction and causing discomfort.  Also, removing a ring may have become difficult because of these conditions.

Rings can be altered to accommodate these changes.  Mitchell Jewelry Studio doesn't do these repairs, but here are some resources for you.

First, here is a link that describes some of the common causes of swollen knuckles:

Next, here is a link describing some ways to remove the ring:

If the ring travels around the finger too freely causing discomfort, maybe some ring beads may stablize it? Here's a google page full of examples of these ring beads:

Finally, here are some resources for manufacturers of ring locks. The lock opens to place the ring on a finger over a large knuckle, then closes and locks the ring in place.  The original ring must be altered to accept a new shank that includes a clamp or locking mechanism, but opinions vary on the best choice of ring locks.  The following links are to the manufacturers websites, or to a YouTube video critical of one of these locks:                                        

YouTube video:

Mitchell Jewelry Studio hopes you find these resources helpful.