Mitchell Jewelry Studio

Fabricating Tools

o    Metal sheers

o    Bezel wire in silver, copper, brass, gold

o    12 ga. Half Round Wire for rings

o    24 ga. Sheets for base of rings, brooches, pendants

o    Twisted wire or bead wire for pendants/rings

o    Wire Gauge

o    Cut Lube for disc cutting

o    Sharpie Markers-Black and Colored for decorating patterned metal

o    Ball Peen Hammer, Cross Peen, bordering hammer

o    Plastic Mallet(Delrin?)

o    Planishing Hammer

o    Staz On Ink for metal etching resist

o    Work Mat- industrial linoleum squares are great!

o    Bezel Pusher

o    Burnisher-Curved or Straight

o    Caliper Gauge

o    Chasing Hammer

o    Flux Brush-any small disposable brushes

o    Metal Two Hole Punch/tube cutting jig, heavy duty hand punch, spring loaded punch

o    Disc cutting set

o    Dapping Set

o    Rawhide Pillow/Anvil, or heavy hammering surface, oak tree stump

o    Heavy Hammers for folding, shaping

o    Mill file

o    Mini file set

o    Pliers-Chain nose, flat nose,flat/half round nose, round nose, specialty pliers-jump ring pliers, rounding pliers

o    Rawhide Hammer

o    Ring Holder

o    Ring Sizing Gauge

o    Ring Mandrel, Bracelet Mandrel

o    Rocker

o    Ruler

o    Sander stick

o    Jewelers saw and  3/0, 5/0 blades, bee’s wax

o    Tweezers, chop sticks

o    Wire Brush

o    Masking tape for etching

o    Texture stamps, texture hammer

o    Flex shaft w/ drills, polishing wheels

o    Bench Pins

o    Flush cutters

o    End cutters

o    Eyelet setter, eyelets

o    Cup Bur for smoothing wire ends

o    Hole punching tools

o    Rolling mill & patterns

o    Table vise

Soldering Tools, Materials

o    Easy, Medium, Hard Solder Wire

o    Torch and Tips, hose, acetylene canister, torch hinge for hanging

o    Fire Blocks, Fire Boards, pumice & annealing station

o    Third Hand

o    Pick

o    Cross lock tweezers

o    Copper Tongs

o    Flux

o    Charcoal Block

o    Water in a basin

o    Pickle and Pickle pot

o    Striker

o    Dowel rod w/ grooves

o    Heat shield protective paste (Rio Grande)

Polishing and Finishing Tools

o   Scrap leather, kitchen scubbies

o   Liver of Sulphur, Vintaj Patinas, ammonia

o   Steel wool #4 size, sand papers for metal polishing

o   GS Hypo cement, E6000, clips for holding pieces as they dry

o   Rouges,Tripoli, emery stick/paper

o   Tumbler w/ stainless steel shot + Sunsheen & a squirt of Dawn

o   Ultra sound jewelry cleaner & Gem Bright

o   Buffing wheel

o   Pro Polish Pads for removing inks

o   Old business cards for stone setting

o   Jewelry findings-earring wires, clasps, jump rings, split jump rings, chain

o   Renaissance Wax

o   Resins for gloss